desertrose34 (desertrose34) wrote,

Social Media is a Swampland of Confusion

I have a confession to make: I am utterly confused by social networking. I have just completed my first book ever and now must navigate through the quagmires of social media. It's like trying to stay afloat in quicksand. Somehow, I have to gain a following among the zillions of other authors attempting to do the same. The competition is ... intimidating. I mourn the simpler times when my motivation was just to learn how to feel comfortable writing to the general public. I used to be a scaredy-cat with my writing, unable to step around the wall anonymity of my first blog (lver30, for those interested). It took me up until right now –– three whole years –– to put my face to my words. So now here I am, exposed and crossing my fingers that what I have to say strikes a chord with someone.


I have another confession to make. I take it personally when I watch the few followers I have on Twitter decrease by one or more. I will harp on my latest blog post. Wonder if I offended/ bored/ irritated someone accidentally. A friend told me that some people may follow me just so I will follow them. Either way, I will never know why someone un-followed me, but it hurts just the same.

There is someone that feels gross in trying to accumulate followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr just so I am more marketable to book publishers. I understand the importance of being a significant voice in the marketplace, and I would look for the same credentials in an author if I was a publisher, but it still feels icky to me.

So I am making a vow here and now: I will only write what inspires me. It is not because I don't want followers (I do!), but it's because I need to stay true to myself and my voice. I think people can see through ulterior motives, and my writing will suffer in the process. This blog will act as a confessional of sorts as I navigate the publishing world. As an author now, having gained the courage to (finally!!) put my name to my words, I imagine that there will be a whole slew of stories that fellow entrepreneurs can relate to.

Here's to brutal honesty and throwing caution to the wind! And perhaps, some new connections along the way.
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